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ETL's Development

The design and development of educational software has always been and continues to be an important research field for ETL.

The prediction of the forthcoming rapid development of digital technologies in 1990s and the confusion about what could be considered as educational software led to the pedagogical design of E-Slate, ETL's first educational software.

Many Microworld kits were developed on E-Slate's Platform, which were used in ETL's researches within various european projects. Many years later ETL's first web-based educational software comes to the fore:

  • ChoiCo, a kit for designing and playing digital games.
  • MaLT2, an online tool of symbolic expression in mathematical activity.
  • SorBET, a kit for designing and playing sorting games.

During the interaction with these authoring tools, SusX, a ChoiCo kit for environmental games, was also developed. Many Microworlds and Micro-Experiments are created and enrich the interactive mathematical books in the Digital School. You can find out more about all of the above through the submenus on the left.