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The recent paper of Dr. Marianthi Grizioti & Prof. Chronis Kynigos "Programming Socio-scientific Games: A Computational Thinking Approach to Real-world Problems" has won the BEST POSTER PAPER AWARD in the 5th International Conference on Computational Thinking and STEM Education!!


  • 16th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching

    ETL hosts ICTMT16!

  • Online Workshop/Webinar

    Co-creating Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

  • GAMMA project: 6th newsletter

    The 6th Newsletter of the GAMMA project has been released! Check out the latest project activities...

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Educational Technology Lab was founded in 1999 ( Α/ 92/11.05.1999) and it is hosted in the Faculty of Philosody of NKUA, in rooms 540 and 545. ETL mission focuses on research and teaching on the design and the exploitation of digital technologies in the educational process. ETL team consists of academics, researchers, post docs, PhD students, master students and a significant number of external partners. 

ETL is active in various fields, such as:

  • Applied research on learning and teaching processes generated in learning environments based on the use of digital media.
  • Design and development of activity plans and digital media for educational innovation.
  • Design of processes and criteria for evaluating educational technology tools.
  • Teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students. On site hands-on student work with a large variety of educational software and authoring systems for education. On-line availability of course material, publication of exemplary student projects, student discussion fora.
  • Professional development for teachers and teacher educators.
  • Consultation to educational institutions wishing to infuse the use of digital media as a medium for innovative learning and teaching practice.
  • Contribution to educational policy for the establishment of new technologies in the educational system.
  • Collaboration with other departments and labs, such as Department of Computer Engineering of  University of West Attica, Department of Education of School of Pedagogical and Technical Education, Mathematical Department of NKUA.

Lab Director: Prof. Chronis Kynigos


The following links give you a quick access to our authoring tools.
Please check them out for more detailed information:

ETL's Current Projects:

    • The TransEET Project: The TransEET project aims to establish a sustainable network between excelling research labs that will enable a strategic program leading to the co-design, implementation and outreach of innovative educational solutions with emerging technologies at an equal pace and range across the partners. Twinning will be uniquely fueled by an original method called 'Co.F.E.' comprising of the following elements, a) creating four Communities of Interest involving diverse members and engaged in complementary joint enterprises (CoI), b) generating home-grown technologies affording a dense flow of useable rapid prototypes (FRP), and c) augmenting the CoI research actors' hybrid expertise to meet the interdisciplinary necessity to address this research field (AHE). (Project No. 101078875 - TransEET - HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03 — Twinning) (more information).

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    • The Exten.(D.T.)2 Project: Exten.(D.T.)2 uses Emerging Technologies (ET) to enhance the pedagogical value, sustainable digitization and potential for wide deployment of Design Thinking (DT). DT is a promising transformative pedagogical innovation based on engaged interdisciplinary learning and the growth of 21st-century (21C) skills for everyone, through entrepreneurial co-creation.Exten.(D.T.)2 will use design-based research to support/provide evidence for pedagogical transformation via DT enhanced by ET. It will employ already institutionalized, home-grown and open-access digital expressive media of advanced technical readiness for students to engage in DT projects. It will also uniquely integrate with these expressive media ET i.e. ΑΙ-enhanced Authorable Learning Analytics, Augmented Reality, 3D printing/scanning and virtual robotics, to leverage digital implementation, monitoring and assessment of DT projects by teachers in schools. (Project No. 101060231 Exten.D.T.2 — HORIZON-CL2-2021-TRANSFORMATIONS-01) (more information).

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