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Finished PhDs

Dimitris Diamantidis

Adaptation of Mathematics Education Digital Artifacts and its significant role in teaching and learning.  



Evrykleia Panagiotou

Emergent argumentation skills in a dialogical space involving collaborative design and development of digital games. 



Marianthi Grizioti 

Programming as an aspect of computational literacy and computational thinking: the case of designing and modding digital games. 



Ioannis Zantzos

Higher and secondary education's students' generation of meanings around the concept of curvature in 3d space while interacting with digital media.



Elissavet Kalogeria

Mathematics teachers' designs professional development contexts based on the pedagogical use of digital medias.



Foteini Moustaki

Engineering students' mathematical meaning making while interacting with a constructionist 3d digital medium.



Maria Latsi

Understandings of the concept of angle developing in environments based on the use of 2D and 3D digital tools.



Efi Alexopolou

The learning process during navigating in 3d space using digital games based on GIS technology.



Kostas Gavrilis

Generating meanings, related to the trigonometric variations with the help of computational tools.



Stefanos Keisoglou

A study of the understanding of students' mathematical concepts in mathematization processes in an environment combining physical and computational inter-linked tools.



Olga Fragou

Learning process involving ancient Greek literacy in an educational environment making use of contemporary technologies. 



Maria Kaskantami

Training language teachers in the educational uses of contemporary technology. 



Katerina Makri

Aspects of the educational use of new technologies in the process of Greek secondary teacher education. 



Giorgos Psycharis

Generation of meanings for ratio and proportion in problems involving size change of geometrical constructions with the use of specially designed computational tools.



Nikoleta Yiannoutsou

Spatial representations: Study of the learning process in a collaborative computer- based environment.



Evi Trouki

Pupils' verbal communication and exploratory learning activity with the help of new technologies. 



Theodoros Koletsos

Study of the interactions between teachers and collaborating students in a mathematical microworld environment based on respective computational tools.



Michael Argyris

Teacher practices shaped in an environment designed for collaborative exploratory learning with the use of respective computational tools. 


PhDs in progress

Marios Xenos 

Supporting students' constructionist activities with Artificial Intelligence infrastructures.

[in progress]


Gkreka Christina

Students' meaning generation around spatial and geometry concepts in the context of engineering design problem solving activities.

[in progress]


Karavakou Myrto

Learning Innovations with Programmable Mathematics: the case of periodocity.

[in progress]