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Dr. Dimitris Diamantidis

Dimitris Diamantidis is a Post-doc researcher.


  • Dimitris Diamantidis is mathematician and in 2022 completed his PHD thesis: "Adaptation of Mathematics Education Digital Artifacts and its significant role in teaching and learning".
  • His research interests include the design of digital tools for mathematics, the professional development of teachers' skills and the creation of personal meanings for mathematics by students.
  • Since 2011, he has participated in ETL's European research programs.
  • He holds two MSc, one in Mathematics Education (NKUA) and another onr in Applied Mathematics (NTUA).
  • Since 2006, he has been a Mathematics teacher in secondary education with participation in curriculum committees and also in the production of educational material.

Contact Information:

Phone: 210 7277838 

E-mail: dimitrd@eds.uoa.gr

Dr. Marianthi Grizioti

Dr Marianthi Grizioti is a Post-doc researcher in the T-CREPE project


  • Marianthi holds a degree of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications at University of Athens with expertise in "Computer Systems and Applications".
  • In 2020, she completed her PhD thesis: "Programming as an aspect of computational literacy and computational thinking: the case of designing and modding digital games".
  • As ETL's partner, she has developed the online educational tools "ChoiCo" and "MaLT2". She has participated in 5 European Research Projects and 2 national projects.


Contact Information:

Phone: 210 7277838 

E-mail: mgriziot@eds.uoa.gr  

Dr. Evrykleia Panagiotou

Dr. Evrykleia Panagiotou is a Post-doc researcher.


  • Evrykleia holds a degree from the "Philology" Department in the “Classical Studies” field.
  • In 2022, she completed her Ph.D. thesis: Emergent argumentation skills in a dialogical space involving collaborative design and development of digital games.
  • Since 2016, she is ETL's partner on subjects related to Greek Language Education with the use of Digital Technologies.
  • Her research interests focus on the field of collaborative learning with an emphasis on the development of interactive and argumentative skills.

Contact Information:

Phone: 210 7277838 

E-mail: evriklia@eds.uoa.gr 

Dr. Nikoleta Yiannoutsou

Dr. Nikoleta Yiannoutsou is Post-doc Researcher


Contact Information: 

Phone: +30 6973235632

Email: nyiannoutsou@ppp.uoa.gr and nyiannoutsou@gmail.com

Dr. Katerina Makri

Dr. Katerina Makri is Post-doc Researcher


Contact Information: 

Email: kmakrh@ppp.uoa.gr

Dr. Maria Latsi

Dr. Maria Latsi is Post-doc Researcher


Contact Information:

Phone numbers:  22960 25349, 6945136500

Email: mlatsi@ppp.uoa.gr

Dr. Foteini Moustaki

Dr. Foteini Moustaki is Post-doc Researcher


Contact Information: 

Email: fotmous@ppp.uoa.gr and foteini.moustaki@gmail.com


Dr. Angeliki Kolovou

Dr. Angeliki Kolovou is Post-doc Researcher.


Contact Information: 

Emai: angkolovou@ppp.uoa.gr and a.kolovou@uu.nl

Dr. Stefanos Keisoglou

Dr. Stefanos Keisoglou is a Post-doc Researcher.

Email: keisoglu@otenet.gr

Dr. Kostas Gavrilis

Dr. Kostas Gavrilis is a Post-doc Researcher.

Email: gav@sch.gr