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Prof. Chronis Kynigos

  Chronis Kynigos is Professor of Educational Technology
and Mathematics Education


Contact Information: 

(+0030) 2107277508 (Prof. Chronis Kynigos)
(+0030) 2107277838 - 2107277783

FAX : (+0030)2107277783

Email address: kynigos@ppp.uoa.gr


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
School of Philosophy,
Department of Educational Studies
Educational Technology Lab
University Campus, Ilissia 15784, Athens, Greece
Room 545 and 540

Chronis Kynigos is Professor of Educational Technology and Mathematics Education, Director of the Educational Technology Lab. He is also the Director of a Masters’ Course in the Didactics of Specialized subjects with Digital Technologies and member of the B.o.D. of an interuniversity Masters’ course in Methodology and Didactics of Mathematics.He gives courses in Educational Technology and Mathematics Education at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

His academic pursuits involve the design of educational digital media and their employment in research involving aspects of a) designing and generating socio-constructionist learning environments in the classroom b) design and implementation of innovative teacher education methods and c) design and implementation of methods to infuse innovation in the educational system.

His research interests include: individual and collaborative learning processes with such media; classroom practices; teachers’ practices and professional development process; techniques and processes for integrating research approaches to the development and use of digital media for added value educational practices.

He has taken part in several EC – funded projects (click here for more information.) He has so far been engaged in the co-design and development of three exploratory digital systems: a) E-slate, a programmable authoring system for exploratory software, b) MaLT+, a programmable 3D simulator and c) ChoiCo, a kit for A kit for designing and playing digital games. He has also contributed to the design of 11 serious collaborative games involving robotics and kinesthetic control of digital media in an E.T.L. spinoff-company, a permanent technological park called ‘Polymechanon’ . He has taken part in Ministry of Education initiatives for the use of digital media in the school system (Odysseia, 1996-2001 and Large-scale Teacher Education, 2005-2008) both at the design and the deployment levels.

He is the author of an academic book titled 'The Investigations course: classroom uses of digital media for mathematics education' (in Greek) and has published around 40 articles in refereed journals and research books and over 150 in refereed conference proceedings. He is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and a founder of the Greek Association for Research in Mathematics Education.