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Education - Research - Consultancy


  • Education:

On site hands-on student work with a large variety of educational software and authoring systems for education. Professional development for teachers and teacher educators. On-line availability of course material, publication of exemplary student projects, student discussion fora.

  • Research:

Applied research on learning and teaching processes generated in learning environments based on the use of digital media. Emphasis on the following learning domains so far: mathematics, geography, history, physics, Greek language. Elementary and secondary levels. Applied research on the generation of new social dynamics at the classroom, school and educational system levels. Applied research on new forms of collectivities with emphasis on new kinds of communities of practice designing and implementing technology - based educational innovations. Design and development of activity plans and digital media for educational innovation.

  • Consultancy:

Consultation to educational institutions wishing to infuse the use of digital media as a medium for innovative learning and teaching practice. Contribution to educational policy for the establishment of new technologies in the educational system.