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ETL was the basic pedagogical contributor in the collaboration for the development of E-Slate software by the Research Team 3 of the Greek Institute for Research and Technology (1993-2002).

E-slate was designed to support the easy and low cost construction of inquiring educational software. Basically, its innovation was that it allowed the user to make his own software (micro world) by combining pieces called "Components".

E-Slate is an exploratory learning environment. It provides a workbench for creating highly dynamic software with rich functionality,by non-programmers. Educational activity ideas can be turned into software with minimal authoring effort in the form of interactive Microworlds which contain specially designed educational components. Software Microworlds can be very easily constructed by plugging components in various configurations. The behaviour of both components and Microworlds, can be programmed in a Logo-based scripting language. E-Slate is currently based on the Java platform and related technologies

E-Slate was the starting inspirational point and source for the creation of both, ChoiCo and MaLT2

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