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  •  What is MaLT2 ?

MaLT2 (MachineLab Turtleworlds2) is an open source online tool of symbolic expression in mathematical activity by means of programming for the creation and tinkering of 3D dynamic graphical models. It is availiable at http://etl.ppp.uoa.gr/malt2/

  • Why does MaLT2 differs from E-Slate's Turtleworld?

The development of MaLT2 is based on E-Slate's Turtleworld. MaLT2 integrates three affordances for the creation and dyanmic manipulation of 3D models. These are a) A Logo-based programming language that extends Berkley's Logo and allows for programming the avatar's movement in 3D space. b) A dynamic manipulation systeming allowing the animation of any model created by a parametric procedure and c) Navigation in 3D space with a periscopic camera.

  • Which is the added pedagogical value of using MaLT2 ?

MaLT2 encourages students to develop intuitively new ideas, to express them by using symbolic language, to run them on MaLT2 environment and to observe directly their outcomes. Thus, pupils can compare their estimates with the results, control their pre-existing knowledge, experiment with new ideas and construct meanings about the concepts . In addition, the 3D representation of the models contributes to the development of space perception and the creation of meanings about the properties of shapes in the three dimensions.

  • Which are the technical advantages of MaLT2?

One of the main advantages of MaLT2 is that it is a web-based tool developed with technologies supported by all modern digital devices. At the same time, users have the ability to store "constructions" on their computer so they can share them with others or access them from other devices.

  • English Manual

For more information and examples of use you can download the English Manual of MaLT2 clicking here.

  • Examples of MaLT2 artefacts

Selected examples from MaLT2 website: